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DIG's Mini Board Retreat

July 21, 2014 10:00 PM | Alyssa Schreiner (Administrator)
DIG just held a mini-retreat on Saturday, June 19 for the Executive Board members, Committee Chairs, and Board Members-At-Large.  Most of the participants of the mini-retreat attended in person, while one out-of-state Board member participated via videophone.  At the mini-retreat, the Bylaws, mission statement, and vision were reviewed and careful consideration was placed on whether any of the statement in the bylaws needed to be revised to ensure it met DIG’s overall goals. 

The participants at the mini-retreat also discussed the candidates running for the two available Board Member-At-Large positions as well as the Recording Secretary position.  The goal is to have these three positions filled soon through a Board vote. 

By having the mini-retreat to review and discuss the bylaws as well as clarifying everyone’s duties and responsibility in DIG, it will give the Board more time to start planning DIG’s two year goals at the Board Retreat in September with the newly appointed Board Member-At-Large and Recording Secretary. 

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